Amazon Prime Day includes Resident Evil 2 Zombie Special FX Kit

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Mehron Resident Evil 2 Zombie Special FX kit
Mehron Resident Evil 2 Zombie Special FX kit

Resident Evil lovers that are Prime Members have an amazing exclusive deal: 20% off Mehron’s Resident Evil 2 Zombie Special FX kit.

From July 15th until the 16th at 11:59 pm, save $19.99 on this amazing kit. Complete with everything you need to recreate a true to life Resi experience.

Mehron Resident Evil 2 Zombie Special FX kit
Amazon Prime Deal

Mehron has been known for high-quality effects makeup. Since 1927 they’ve supplied Broadway, movie sets, and professional makeup artists with the best in the business. Get ready to experience your own Raccoon City outbreak by getting your kit here today!

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