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Resident Evil 3
Resident Evil 3

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EVIL VR Makes Claims about R3MAKE Gameplay [Rumor]

EVIL VR (@EvilVR), an industry leaker we’ve previously reported on, took to Twitter again with more rumored leaks.

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Well, we’re almost at the finish line and we’ll see if all the hype from the community the past week has paid off.

With only hours left before Sony’s final State of Play, excitement is still building in the community and alleged leaks and rumors continue to pour out.

EVIL VR (@EvilVR), an industry leaker we’ve previously reported on, took to Twitter again with more rumored leaks.

Bear in mind, our publication offers no confirmation of alleged leaks. We simply report on what information is presented to us and we leave it up to our readers to do or think as they will with said information.

With that in mind, here is the information Evil VR posted on Twitter.

The Claims

According to him, it seems the Resident Evil 3 remake will borrow heavily from the original in terms of a more linear map layout. Familiar locations, namely the hospital will be back for us to experience on current-gen hardware. Also, while not confirmed if everyone’s favorite worm Gravedigger will return, it seems other B.O.W.s like Hunters will. Sporting new redesigns probably in a fashion similar to the redesign of the Ivies in Resident Evil 2 (2019)

It also appears that Nemesis’ mechanics will also be similar in terms of his chasing mechanics. However, it’s unknown if the fighting options will be making a return or if he’ll still be dropping Eagle parts.

It seems he also doesn’t believe in a March release date of the title, which I concurred with in my article on UK retailer’s preorder pages. Thinking it more of a placeholder in line with Capcom’s fiscal end of year.

Time will tell and we’ll be covering any news out of State of Play in just a few short hours.

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