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Editorial Ethics and Policy

Conduct and Ethics

In accordance with our ethics policy, we don’t accept travel, samples gifts, or accommodations from companies on any preconditions, such as, that we will agree to provide a review simply because the company sent us travel, samples gifts, or accommodations. If we review a game at a publisher-sponsored event, we’ll disclose it in the review.

Biohazard Declassified and its staff are permitted to back video game Kickstarter campaigns at the minimum level necessary to acquire the game or hardware. No disclosure is needed.

Biohazard Declassified and its staff are permitted to contribute to Patreon campaigns for members of the video game industry, and we disclose the details of those contributions on any related coverage on the site.

Review scoring

We do not discuss review scores or opinions with publishers or developers prior to their review being published. We score or recommend games we believe our readers should watch or play. This is done completely at the discretion of our staff.


To maintain a high standard of ethics, we protect the identity of our sources and sources are not in any way compensated for their information.


Rumors are rampant in communities like ours. Sometimes it’s hard to suss out what’s pure fiction and what’s reliable enough to print. That being said, we always do our absolute best to cross-reference any information that we have come across our desks. We don’t want to be part of the mill. One of the most important steps in our vetting process is running any new information we have run past a myriad array of leakers.

Leakers with a strong track record, these sources help us buff the rough edges off of our information, finding what the common agreement is. Of course, there’s one source that will always override any others: publishers themselves. We will always look through different publishers’ social media and news pages before we post any of our information. Not only does this potentially cut bad news off at the pass, but it also could give us the best “Source:” line we can have.


We make every effort for stories to be completely accurate upon publication. When we DO get it wrong, we won’t just let it sit, or bury it. In those situations, look for an amendment to the original article, as well as an update near the top that informs what our original mistake was. Never fear; we aim to be the best info you can find. If we get it wrong, email [email protected] and we’ll make it right.


We have advertisements on our site, and they are a source of our revenue. The opinions of our social media and editorial teams are in no way influenced by any of our advertisers or companies we feature in our publications. No articles are bought, and unless we say otherwise, no products are provided to us.

While we try to maintain the highest standard of ethics from ads on our website, advertisers do not always directly represent the opinions or beliefs of Biohazard Declassified or our staff. We also try to clearly mark any advertisement or “infomercial” (videos, Flash animations, etc.) shown on our website as an advertisement.

We may also post content containing affiliate marketing links, which means we may be paid commission on sales of those products or services. Our content is not influenced by these programs nor do these products inherently represent the ethics and values of Biohazard Declassified.


Occasionally, we will conduct contests and giveaways for those that interact with our website and social media. We will post rules for each contest and giveaways are not considered endorsements of the companies involved or their products.


If our staff appears on any channels or forms of media, that does not inherently endorse any products, companies, or services discussed. They will also maintain the same ethics as our brand when representing us in these capacities.

Product Samples:

Companies may send games or other products or samples to our editors in order for our staff to review such samples and determine whether we will provide a review of the product on our media. As part of our ethics policy, we do not accept any samples on any preconditions, such as, that we will agree to provide a review simply because the company sent us a sample. Please note that companies may provide these samples before the product is commercially available, in which case, we may agree to an embargo with the company or its PR firm. This means we agree not to publish the review or associated news until a given time.

Occasionally, we decide to review something which has not been provided to us by a company. In this case, a staff member will either purchase the product for themselves (we buy a lot of games), or we will purchase the product for the team.