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Resident Evil 3 Jill and Mikhail
Resident Evil 3 Jill and Mikhail

Resident Evil News

ESRB Summary of Resident Evil 3 Spoils Some Plot Points

Rated S for Spoilers

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First things first; if you don’t know any of the major moments in the original Resident Evil 3, some of the “spoilers” within will be ACTUAL spoilers for you. Turn back now, lest ye be spoiled.

Moving on.

The ESRB has the unfortunate job of having to assess a game’s workings before it launches. This means that none of the review board members will ever be surprised by a game.

Alas, this means that when they give their summary, they also might give us information that’s a spoiler on its own.

Resident Evil 3 ESRB Summary

Resident Evil 3
Image: ESRB

Thankfully, none of the information above should really be surprising to long time fans. A man impaled by a tentacle? A man executed at close range? Neither of these comes as surprises, I don’t imagine.

That being said, it’s a little sad that anyone who happens across this summary without prior knowledge might get spoiled a little, even if it’s only on some of the more creative aspects of a death or two.

Regardless, we only have about a month until we see all of these brutal demises for ourselves.

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