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Resident Evil News

eShop Summer Event has RE Titles on Sale! - 1 min read

HUGE Sale!

Nintendo Switch

Whadda buyin’, Stranga’?

Resident Evil nintendo eShop
Image Nintendo

Firstly, the Nintendo eShop Europe and Australia are having sales on over 250 titles in the Nintendo eShop.

In other words, Resident Evil fans, this is a great opportunity to get these digital gems at a steal.

RE titles that are on sale during eShop event (Europe)

  • Resident Evi€19.79 (Usually €29.99, ends 25/07)
  • Resident Evil 0€19.79 (Usually €29.99, ends 25/07)
  • Resident Evil 4 €19.79 (Usually €29.99, ends 25/07)
  • Revelations€11.99 (Usually €19.99, ends 25/07)
  • Revelations 2€14.99 (Usually €24.99, ends 25/07)

RE titles that are sale during eShop event (Australia)

  • Resident Evil$26.36 (Usually $39.95, ends 25/07)
  • Resident Evil 0$26.36 (Usually $39.95, ends 25/07)
  • Resident Evil 4$26.36 (Usually $39.95, ends 25/07)
  • Revelations$14.97 (Usually $24.95, ends 25/07)
  • Revelations 2$18.57 (Usually $30.95, ends 25/07)

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