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Compound Fracture
Compound Fracture

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COMPOUND FRACTURE: Another Dino Crisis Succesor Joins the Ranks

Maybe something else to quench that dino hunting thirst

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We recently talked about an upcoming dinosaur shooter called Instinction. With only a teaser and some early visuals to go off of, we can only speculate how much the title will be like Dino Crisis, but at the very least, it’ll bring dinosaur survival horror to us once more.

However, it looks like it won’t be alone.

Compound Fracture is an upcoming title in the works by developers Austin Schaeffer, Cyrus Byrd and Pete Goodfellow, no studio involved. With visuals highly inspired by the classic PSX era, they intend to bring an old-school shooter vibe to the modern gaming community.

The plot is thus: you are a nameless safety inspector working for the government, doing a routine, secret-shopper-esque check-up on a company called ChronoGas. As we wouldn’t have a game otherwise, things quickly get out of hand, and you find yourself facing prehistoric monsters.

Compound Fracture
Image: Compound Fracture

Ammo is a concern, and the odds will be stacked against you, with numerous dinos all made to pursue you. They even said that the soundtrack is “made to fit the game”, which is strangely ominous.

The gameplay teaser is extremely promising, so I look forward to trying this game out soon.

You can actually already put Compound Fracture on your wishlist on Steam. That way, you’ll be the first to know when there’s an early access build.

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