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Team Arklay Releases New Dino Crisis Revival Development Photo - 3 min read

This is looking absolutely amazing for fans of Dino Crisis!

Dino Crisis Revival

For years, Survival Horror fans have clambered for a reimagining – or remake – of the iconic Dino Crisis series from the original PlayStation.

As reported previously, Team Arklay, a dedicated group of developers are bringing Dino Crisis back in a special ‘revival’ fan project, albeit with a few quality of life upgrades over the past 20 years.

Image: Team Arklay

Having been quiet for the past few months, Team Arklay recently graced us with another piece of development material to quench our thirst for some more Dino-Hunting.

The Heliport:

Dino Crisis Revival
Image: Team Arklay

Last year, Team Arklay also created some epic title cards for each of the characters of the game, which gives you an idea of the graphical fidelity of the Unreal Engine 4.

Dino Crisis Revival release date still unannounced

No release date has been given for the project. Hopefully within the next year we receive more in-game footage to see if this stacks up against the excellent screenshots that has been provided.

However, there’s always a possibility that Capcom may interfere with the development of this project as a violation of its Intellectual Property – something that has been mentioned in its recent press release on content.

Hopefully, this does not become the case and Capcom acknowledges the passion and art behind this interesting project. You can follow Team Arklay’s Twitter to see more development screenshots and for more updates.

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Andy is the co-founder of BHd and primary streamer.


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