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Dino Crisis is Getting a Remake, Courtesy of Fans

Hopefully this lights a fire for Capcom.

Dino Crisis Reboot
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Enter a world of… dinosaur horror

Let’s travel back to 1999, on the cusp of two success survival horror games (Resident Evil 1 and 2), Capcom decided to mix things up. Dino Crisis released with a whole new approach, moving from “survival horror” to what Capcom dubbed “panic horror”. Replacing the slow pace of both the character and the enemies with a faster pace and faster, smarter enemies. Dinosaurs replacing zombies, tank controls were replaced with the ability to move and shoot, and pre-rendered backgrounds were shed for real-time 3D graphics. It also foreshadowed Resident Evil 4’s quick-time events, flashing the word “Danger” and the player would have to mash buttons to survive.

Dino Crisis 2 being the better performing and with 3 releasing on the Xbox with laughable performance in stores. Sadly, this poor reception led to the downfall of this amazing side series from Capcom.

Flash forward to today. This week marks the 20th anniversary of Dino Crisis and though Capcom has seemed to have forgotten it, fans haven’t. Everyone expected Capcom to tease a revival of Dino Crisis after how well Resident Evil 2 remake was received. Sadly, no hints from Capcom that they bringing Resident Evil’s dino-based cousin back into the hands of gamers.

Not all is lost

However, A group called Team Arklay is in the works of remaking Dino Crisis on the UNREAL ENGINE 4. They have released a trailer and some footage of the alpha build, and I can’t express how excited we are.

To date, it seems the team’s focus is rebuilding environments rather than the dinosaurs, and we’re okay with that. While the enemies are obviously the main part, a lot of the appeal of this game was its scenery. Without an official announcement of what their plans are, we can only assume they will be building the entire game.

As with any fan project, this can go one of several ways. Hopefully, it doesn’t go the route of Resident Evil 1.5 which at this point a full release looks dim. Or it could do a complete 180 and go the way of Resident Evil 2 REbirth. It ending because of Capcom announced an official release of a Resident Evil 2 remake.

Pair the upscaled graphics from Unreal Engine with the original game’s soundtrack, you’re going to be on the edge of your seat waiting for something to pop out. From the trailer, this fan remake is going to be an experience 65 million in the making.  

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