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Dead Space Remake
Dead Space Remake

Resident Evil News

Dead Space Returns

We love to see it!

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Fans of Resident Evil 4 no doubt found themselves playing Dead Space at one point. Glen Schofield, the original executive producer for the franchise, has gone on record as saying that Resident Evil 4 shaped the sci-fi horror experience pretty directly. The games share similar camera angles, but Dead Space put players in a much less favorable position.

Playing as ship systems engineer Isaac Clarke, players found themselves on board a floating derelict known as the USG Ishimura, a mining ship that sent out a simple distress signal not long ago. On board, the world was first introduced to the Necromorphs, enemies with very specific limb-detachment requirements for those looking to survive their encounters with them.

The franchise had sadly ended after Dead Space 3 was released in 2013. However, many fans held out hope that they would see Isaac Clarke fighting Necros again some day.

That day is finally coming.

EA announced at their recent EA Play Live event that Dead Space was returning from the dead. Dead Space will be a “rebuilt” game, meaning that it’s likely we’re looking at Resident Evil 2 Remake vibes. Players will still see Isaac Clarke curb-stomping alien freaks on board the Ishimura, but it’ll be a brand new experience.

Dead Space Remake
Image: EA Motive

This is likely the best choice. When it was released in 2008, Dead Space was pants-wettingly terrifying, even with a slight action-horror blend involved. However, this formula is now common, so it’ll be best for the new run to be different in a lot of ways.

Not much is known beyond the teaser. We know that Isaac is returning, as he should be, and we also know that the game is being built in the Frostbite engine. The game is being made by Motive EA, as Visceral was dissolved some time ago. It’s sad that Glen Schofield won’t be involved, but he’s busy with his own Dead Space-style game, The Callisto Project.

For now, we’ll have to wait to see what EA has in store for us. In the meantime, however, the original Dead Space trilogy is now on sale on Steam for $5 USD a game. If you haven’t checked them out before now, then there’s never been a more perfect time.

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