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Dead By Daylight Will Be Visiting Silent Hill - 3 min read

Silent Hill Dead By Daylight

beHaviour Interactive’s popular asymmetrical horror multiplayer game Dead By Daylight has made a name for itself as one of the greatest crossover games created. Famous horror legends such as Freddy Kreuger, Michael Myers, and more all meet in the killing fields of The Entity.

However, they’ve yet to have a crossover with another game series. A few people have wondered if that might ever happen, but few probably saw this one coming: Konami has loosened their iron grip on Silent Hill, partnering with beHaviour to bring the mysterious town to the game.

The Killer

The strongest part of Dead By Daylight is, by far, the Killers. These are the faces of the game, unfortunately for the Survivors.

For the Silent Hill crossover, The Executioner will be hunting Survivors.

I’m being coy, though. They’re following their naming scheme of The X, but players will be coming face to face with the infamous Pyramid Head.

Silent Hill Dead By Daylight
Image: Razor9808

A few of his abilities have been touched on. He can release a dark force, which can go through walls. He can also carve a trench with his cleaver, making Survivors make decisions on the fly as their route is cut off.

The Survivor

A more surprising choice is the one for Survivor: Cheryl Mason, or Heather.

Silent Hill Dead By Daylight
Image: Razor9808

The catalyst for the first game, the protagonist for the third, Heather is likely not the first to come to mind when one thinks of Silent Hill. James Sutherland or Harry Mason are much more renowned.

However, Heather brings an interesting set of skills to the table. Her intimate connection to the darkness of Silent Hill means that she’ll gain benefits from curses. She’ll also be able to connect herself with another Survivor for added benefits.

The Map

Obviously, Silent Hill itself is too much to cover for a location. The team had to narrow it down to a single location. They chose an iconic spot: Midwich Elementary School.

Silent Hill Dead By Daylight
Image: Razor9808

Infamous for being the site of Alessa’s worst abuses, Midwich will be something new for Dead By Daylight: it’s going to be a full, modern remake of the map.

Not only that, it will also be jammed to the gills with secrets. It’ll even contain puzzles, something completely new to the game.

They even were able to bring on Akira Yamaoka, the original composer of the Silent Hill franchise. He’ll be working alongside their own composer to adapt the revered sounds of the franchise.

Visit Silent Hill Soon

While you’ll get a chance to officially visit Silent Hill this June, the map is currently available on the beta servers to try out. This will definitely be something to keep an eye on for multiplayer horror fans!

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