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Daymare1994: Sandcastle
Daymare1994: Sandcastle

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Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle Officially Announced

A prequel to Daymare: 1998 is on the way

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Publisher Leonardo Interactive and developer Invader Studios have officially announced Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle. This will be a prequel to Invader Studio’s Daymare: 1998 and will be arriving on PC and Consoles in 2022.

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle is an up-and-coming third-person survival horror game where you’ll step into the shoes of a former government spy named Dalila Reyes. Now working for a unit under the name of H.A.D.E.S (Hexacore Advanced Division for Extraction and Search), Reyes is tasked with entering one of the United States’ most advanced research facilities locked and loaded with some of the most innovative and technologically advanced weapons of all time.

Daymare1994: Sandcastle
Image: Invader Studios

Beware though, the dark and dim-lit labyrinth of a facility is home to some of the most terrifying and lethal creatures unknown to mankind. The game will be a perfect blend of fierce and intense combat, intense environmental puzzle-solving, and a musical score that will immerse you in this unique horror experience.

Some of the core features of Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle include:

  • New characters and big comebacks – Take part in the top secret “Sandcastle” mission as the game’s main protagonist, Special Agent H.A.D.E.S. Dalila Reyes, and reconstruct the past of some of Daymare: 1998’s most beloved characters.
  • Lethal and terrifying enemies – Fight, kill and dismember the enemies that stand between you and your mission. But beware; these enemies are frighteningly intelligent, aggressive and realistic in every detail.
  • Revamped interface – The D.I.D. is back, though in a completely redesigned way. Manage your inventory, ammo and health items directly from the new, intuitive game interface.
  • Eye to the Scanner – Thanks to the innovative device installed on Reyes’s arm, you can analyze portions of the environment and reveal new puzzles to solve, pick up secret documents and detect hidden items!
  • Environmental puzzles – The solution is often right in front of your eyes! Search for clues and overcome the environmental obstacles to obtain resources and collectibles.
  • Are you sure it’s dead? – Prepare to confront the toughest and most aggressive enemies you have ever seen. Even if you’re sure you’ve killed one, you’ll find out it can come back in a completely new form and be even deadlier than before!
  • Breathtaking graphics, sound effects and soundtrack – Thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 4, you will live the most terrifying of experiences!
  • Back to the 90s… again! – If you loved the nostalgia of Daymare: 1998, then Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle will feel like you’re living and playing an action horror/film from the 90s with familiar references and a frightfully authentic atmosphere with a retro flavor.
  • Freeze! – There will certainly be no shortage of guns, but be prepared to equip one of the most innovative and powerful weapons ever created: the Frost Grip! WARNING: it may contain liquid nitrogen. 
  • Veteran or rookie – Choose the most appropriate game difficulty based on your ability in combat and your experience with survival horror games. Either way, it will be a serious challenge and not for the faint-hearted!

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle is slated to release on Xbox and Playstation consoles as well as PC sometime next year.

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