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Silent Hill’s Cybil Bennett Costume For Dead By Daylight Released - 1 min read

Silent Hill Dead By Daylight

The Silent Hill addon for Dead By Daylight was already pretty heavy duty. Compared to other DLC for the multiplayer horror game, it saw the most content added thus far. However, looks like Behaviour Interactive isn’t even done yet.

Cybil Bennett revisits Silent Hill

Leaked a little while ago and now finally seeing its official release, Cybil Bennett Set gives Heather an overhaul. She takes the form of the overly-helpful police officer from the original Silent Hill.

Silent Hill Dead By Daylight
Image: Konami

Like the rest of Heather’s skins, the set doesn’t simply put her in Cybil’s clothes. It also changes her face and voice, effectively changing the character entirely.

Silent Hill Dead By Daylight
Image: Dead by Daylight

The catch is, she can only be purchased with the Dead By Daylight in-game currency. Her price ends up being a hefty $15, notably more than the actual Silent Hill chapter itself.

Hardcore fans will likely be the only ones dropping that much for the skin, but it still is nice to know the option is there.

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