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Resident Evil Village

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Cracking Resident Evil Village Apparently Fixes Stuttering Issues

Illegal copies work better than legit ones?!

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DRM has always been a contentious topic, especially when it comes to how it affects gameplay. The most recent game to serve as an example appears to be Resident Evil Village.

Pirates have cracked the game, and it appears to have resolved a performance issue that some paying users have been experiencing.

Stuttering issues have been noticed in the PC version of Resident Evil Village, according to DSOGaming. It appears that killing foes is a common way to recreate it, which, as you might expect, is common enough. However, a cracker managed to get around the game’s DRM over the weekend. The cracked version, according to the folks at DSOGaming, essentially fixed the stuttering issue.

Resident Evil Village Steam
Image: Capcom

This indicates that Resident Evil Village‘s DRM, which is a mix of Nenuvo and Capcom’s own anti-tamper software, is causing performance concerns. Denuvo avoids more damage to its already soiled reputation in this case, as the crack simply removes Capcom’s DRM.

Even if Denuvo isn’t to blame this time, it’s again another example of anti-piracy efforts harming paying customers rather than pirates. The latest victims are Resident Evil Village and its players. Crytek spent a lot of money to have Denuvo DRM in Crysis Remastered, thus Capcom must have paid a lot of money as well. And it’s wasteful spending on the publisher’s part, given that it implemented its own DRM, which was eventually hacked.

It’s probably worth adding that piracy is not encouraged in this article. However, this case study should be taken into consideration by publishers. If companies spend less money on DRM, they will have less money to charge their customers. Even if they charge us the same, that’s more money for them to pay their devs, set aside for future games, or put into the coffers of their executives and shareholders.

Those solutions, despite the last one, all sound better than paying for something that not only doesn’t operate but also has the potential to penalize the paying consumer.

Source: Lowyat

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