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Resident Evil News

New Controller Allows for 360 Shooting in Resident Evil 3 - 1 min read

Resident Evil 3 Arkade

Arkade, Inc.’s Arkade Blaster controller makes for a more realistic first-person or third-person video game experience in games like Resident Evil 3 remake by using movement technology.

Resident Evil 3 Arkade
Image: Arkade

Arkade posted a video of the Arkade Blaster in action for Resident Evil 3 on YouTube. The controller has a stand on top for your phone, which shows the game as you keep the gun-shaped controller and turn it around to shoot.

The player just needs to look at the phone using Steam Connect, which almost acts like a gun sight, to play. For moving the in-game character, the controller has buttons and a joystick on the end of the barrel.

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