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CODE: DINO-H Looks to Fill That Dino Crisis Void - 2 min read

Another game that might help scratch that Dino Crisis itch


It certainly seems like the dinosaur survival genre is having something of a Renaissance. First, we heard of Deathground, an asymmetric multiplayer title.

Next, we heard word on Instinction, an upcoming, modern shooter with dinosaur enemies. After that, the retro-shooter throwback Compound Fracture caught our eye, with PSX-era visuals and old-school soundtrack style.

Code: Dino-H

Now, it’s Code: Dino-H, formerly known as Dino Hazard (as it would appear that another organization had already laid claim to the name).

Image: LCDT Studios

The game has been released in a prototype stage, made in the span of 70 days by a team of four.

With game design by Frédéric Vincent, art by Jim Gennisson, and coding by Nicolas Schoner & Guillaume, the game captures the exact feel of Dino Crisis, with a bit of Metal Gear Solid mixed in.

You are K, one of only a handful of survivors in a secret research facility. At this facility, the “IT’s”, the codename for these dinosaurs, break loose, killing everyone save for yourself, Edward, and Jose.

Image: LCDT Studios

Code: Dino-H features fixed camera angles and apparently can be finished in about 15 minutes. This is, after all, something like a demo made in only 70 days. Interspersed throughout your escape, there’s diary entries from K, something of a survivor’s log.

Image: LCDT Studios

There’s notably no score present in Code: Dino-H, meaning the only sounds you’ll hear are from either yourself, or the enemy.

The gameplay is more focused on stealth than action, however. You’re not trying to shoot your way out of the facility; your true goal is simply to survive.

You can download this prototype over at Gennisson’s page. As for a full release, we’ll keep you posted as we see more content for the game.

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