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Chris and Claire Confirmed for Resident Evil x Dead By Daylight Before Official Release

New survivors are entering the Fog.

Resident Evil x Dead By Daylight
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Dead By Daylight‘s Resident Evil crossover is just moments away and it appears one little piece of information has slipped via a Steelseries giveaway. Chris and Claire Redfield will also be coming to Dead By Daylight as skins for Leon and Jill. It was likely obvious to many fans of both games, but has now been confirmed.

Xbox also confirmed the existence of these skins by updating their listing as Legendary skins for Leon and Jill.

Furthering that is images of the skins are already surfacing online showing Chris in his Resident Evil remake uniform and Claire’s RE2 remake outfit. As well as a classic Resident Evil 3 costume for Jill and Leon’s RE 4 costume.

The update and DLC will be live shortly. Will you survive in Dead By Daylight’s newest chapter?

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