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Is Capcom Teasing a Remastered Resident Evil Collection?

Resident Evil Classic Collection Rumor Twitter
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Leading up to the release of the Resident Evil Showcase on January 21st, Capcom has been setting the community ablaze with rumours due to a series of short video clips from the Resident Evil Twitter account.

We can’t help but hop on this rumour train ourselves after looking at the assets out there and a compelling article from our friends over at Rely On Horror who recently published a great article on this.

Screen Shot 2021 01 18 at 10.32.22 PM
Image: Capcom

Now we know that Resident Evil Village is the main focus of the showcase, but Capcom stated they’ll have a lot of news for fans during the 30-minute presentation.

Some of the information may be related to the upcoming multiplayer beta, but with this being the 25th anniversary of the franchise and Capcom having a ton of upcoming projects, there are many more possibilities that could enter the fray on Thursday.

One of these could be a possibly be a remastered games collections due to the nature of the snippets shown on Twitter.

So let’s break down what’s causing the rumor mill to work overtime.

Resident Evil 1

Jawmuncher over on Twitter was one of the first to draw massive attention to this seeing that there where massive UI differences between the two.

Some of the changes between the 1996 screenshot and the one taken from Twitter are:

  • The “will you take the INK RIBBON?” text is now aligned to the left side instead of being more centred and is now completely under the item area instead of across the entire screen.
  • Jill’s portrait to the left side of the ECG monitor is completely removed.
  • The black spaces between different UI elements have been removed and are now closer together.
  • There’s a larger gap between the ECG and Weapon areas.

Resident Evil 2

Now the changes here aren’t as massive, but definitely worth taking note of:

  • It is now called the Club Key instead of the Precinct Key. It is important to note that all 4 of the keys in Resident Evil 2 1998 are first called Precinct Keys before examining them to learn their individual names.
  • The colours here on the green and blue backgrounds have been brightened and so has the key itself.
  • The boxes around the key have also changed, with their rectangular shape being more squared and also the top right side of the outer box is also missing the fatter strip where it meets the condition box.
inventory portrait re2shdp f
Image: RE2SHDP

Furthermore, just to give a quick comparison to MoArtis Resident Evil 2 Seamless HD Mod, you can tell it’s not just an upscale of the original inventory screen, it’s completely redesigned.

Resident Evil 3

Now this one is the most drastic of all, it’s not subtle changes to the UI but a massive overhaul to the whole look and function of the Inventory Screen.

  • Inventory has been upgraded from 10 maximum slots to 14.
  • The condition monitor has been removed.
  • Jill’s portrait has been removed.
  • The width of all elements has been shrunk to fit more square than rectangular.
  • The USE/COMBINE/CHECK box and inventory items are also now smaller.
  • FILE/MAP/EXIT now reads FILES/MAPS/EXIT and the text is much smaller.
  • Gun Powder B is now just called Gun Powder.
inventory portrait f
Image: RE3SHDP

Again, for comparison is the Resident Evil 3 Seamless HD Mod to show this isn’t just a graphical update like the mod, it’s a complete overhaul.

Final Conclusion?

At the end of the day, is it likely that Capcom is releasing these classic games in some capacity? Probably not. Even though it would be cool to see something like what Komani did with their release of Metal Gear Solid.

But even so, there is a big question here, why would they take the time to make these? Most of the fan base won’t see them and they’re watermarked by Capcom so it’s not like someone on their social media team just Googled Resident Evil inventory gifs, so care and attention went into creating these especially since they’re not just direct rips of the original.

So what does it mean? We won’t know until the Showcase this Thursday and even then we still might not (or Capcom could save something like this for the actual 25th anniversary in March).

So approach this with caution but as always, its fun to theorize of what could be

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