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Capcom Standardizes Resident Evil Titling on Steam - 2 min read

Resident Evil Steam Capcom

Oftentimes, the most telling leaks are the seemingly innocuous actions of a company. Something that was perfectly well enough is suddenly updated because it needs to mesh with something else. An example is the random update to 2 that actually added content relating to 3.

In this case, it’s quite possible that it’s nothing: Capcom changed the titles for all their RE games currently available through Steam.

Prior to this change, all of the games followed an odd but consistent pattern of “RESIDENT EVIL # biohazard/BIOHAZARD # resident evil”. This is likely to make it so they can have one single title across many iterations.

Now, however, they’ve simplified it into “Resident Evil #”, full stop. While that probably doesn’t seem strange on the surface, one has to consider other instances of when this could have been done.

For starters, why didn’t they do this when they released their most recent titles? It could have been done upon the release of 3/Resistance, but it wasn’t.

What does this likely mean for Resident Evil?

My guess is that there’s something big coming soon. If it were just a remake, it’d likely be treated like the past two. More than likely, it’s Resident Evil 8, which we already all but certain is being made.

Until they officially announce it, though, we just have to wait. Potentially, we’ll see something coming tomorrow, the 11th, in the PS5 announcements.

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