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Resident Evil News

Capcom Reveals Nintendo Switch Sale - 1 min read

Great deals on Resident Evil and other Capcom games.

Nintendo Capcom Sale

Part of gaming is trying to find the best deals you can. It’s hard enough keeping up with what’s out there mentally, much less financially, so saving some cash here and there is always a welcome chance.

On that note, Capcom has detailed a new sale for Nintendo Switch, discounting a huge amount of their franchises. Amongst those series is, as I’m sure you guessed, Resident Evil.

Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0 are half off, bringing them to $14.99. Similarly, both Revelations games are 50% off as well, making them $9.99.


Other than that, 4, 5, and 6 are all 33% off, running you $19.99 each.

Other Capcom Titles on Sale

Many of Capcom’s other franchises, such as Ace Attorney (a personal fave of mine), Mega Man, and Devil May Cry are also seeing price decreases.

Funnily enough, they’re also having a 3DS sale, with Mercenaries 3D costing only $4.99 and Revelations coming in at $7.99. With the portability of the Switch, I assume Capcom is just heading their bets on a few stalwart 3DS users needing to round out their libraries.


The sale ends April 28th, so head over to the eShop and grab what you want ASAP!

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