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Capcom Says Resident Evil Village is ‘the Best Survival Horror Game to Date’ - 1 min read

Capcom is very proud of the story for this upcoming Resident Evil title.

resident evil village ethan winters

Resident Evil Village, Capcom’s upcoming survival horror title, is said to be “the best survival horror game to date” according to the developer.

Capcom also recently released an exclusive PS5 demo entitled Maiden along with gameplay previews and a new trailer that offered more detail on Ethan Winters’ fate at their January Resident Evil Showcase.

Capcom’s Resident Evil Village‘s producer, Peter Fabiano, recently spoken more about the game in an interview with PlayStation Official Magazine UK and about what fans can expect from this upcoming installment to the franchise.

resident evil village ethan winters
Image: Capcom

Resident Evil Village’s Team and Ethan Winters

He spoke on how Capcom’s teams worked together on Village and stated that the teams were “quite attached” to Ethan Winters.

As such, they wanted his plot arc to continue with the next game, which was already being planned before Resident Evil 7: Biohazard even released.

Fabiano says the care put into this game has keep Capcom’s “…vision on target” and the in their own words belive will be “… consider(ed) the best survival horror game to date.”

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