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Capcom Reports Record Profit From Last Quarter

Capcom continues to see amazing growth!

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I’m sure economic statistics are pretty boring to some of you. I never really get too deep into them myself, though financial reports occasionally leak information. Often, studios have to make certain roadmaps for financial reports.

Regardless, what I think we ALL like to hear is that our holiest of studios, Capcom, is doing very well for themselves. In fact, they’re breaking company records.

Image: Capcom

Capcom claimed a solid 64.8B yen profit for end-of-third-quarter, their highest yet. This is up 22.6% year-over-year. They also had a 24.4B yen operating income, which is a rise of 32.2% year-over-year.


They cite Resident Evil 3‘s “solid” sales, as well as pretty good sales from their older catalogue titles. Since they’ve been selling all of their titles digitally heavily lately, that shouldn’t surprise anyone. As new fans are drawn by Resident Evil 7 and all of the hype around Resident Evil Village, more people are picking up original releases.

To top it all off, Monster Hunter continues to be profitable for Capcom. They hyped up the movie pretty heavily, and though it was a commercial failure, it still generated buzz for the series.

Other highlights of Capcom’s release is their commitment to having an esports presence. With RE:Verse set up as their next multiplayer title, it seems they’re inching ever closer to getting something working for them. Resistance, while not the best, was the first move in this direction.

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