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Resident Evil 3 Denuvo
Resident Evil 3 Denuvo

Resident Evil News

Capcom Removes Denuvo Anti-Tamper from Resident Evil 3, gets Cracked Instantly

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There’s been a lot of buzz about Denuvo, an Austrian anti-hacking add-on that many games have been implementing recently. The program, full title Denuvo Anti-Tamper, is used by devs as an easy way to prevent hacking and piracy.

The drawback that many seem to report is that it drains on performance. Many people insist that their games run worse with it attached. Since it runs in the background, the argument is that it’s stealing processing power that could be used by the game itself.

Resident Evil 3 Denuvo
Image: Denuvo

Regardless, the system certainly seems to work. Resident Evil 3, for example, has it. As such, it was nowhere to be found on piracy boards across the internet.

For whatever reason, though, that’s now changed. Capcom removed Denuvo from the game on October 1st, 181 days after release. Nearly instantaneously, cyber pirates cracked the game and uploaded it online according to, a website that monitors the status of if games have been “cracked” or not.

Resident Evil 3 cracked after 181 days

Resident Evil 3 Denuvo
Image: CrackWatch

Why Capcom did this is unclear. It’s possible that they aren’t concerned with it. Notably, this is the quickest they’ve ever done this.

Resident Evil 7, for example, didn’t lose Denuvo until a while two years after release. Even Resident Evil 2 had it for over half a year.

Regardless, the game now is on torrent sites everywhere, which is unfortunate. While I get that it’s not easy to always buy the latest games, I truly think that people deserve to be paid for their work.

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