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Capcom Producers Talk Resident Evil Village - 3 min read

Resident Evil 8 Village

There’s plentiful hype surrounding the new trailer for Resident Evil Village, and understandably so. Showing a bold direction for the series, it looks to be evolving Resident Evil beyond its roots, bringing it into a modern era.

However, alongside this trailer, there was actually another video released for Resident Evil Village: a developer message, giving a little bit of background on the game’s creation.

Producers Tsuyoshi Kanda and Peter Fabiano sat down to tell fans a few of the details that we can look forward to in the next installment. Notably, despite clearly leaning into the VIII in the title, they refer to the game as Resident Evil Village consistently.

Watch the Resident Evil Village Special Developer Message

“We were able to take all that we learned from those (previous) titles along with our internal development efforts and optimize the latest version of the engine for the next generation of consoles,” Peter Fabiano says, speaking of the very strong, very powerful RE Engine.

Within this video, they talked a little about what the story will hold. The game takes place some years after Resident Evil 7 ends. Ethan is once again dragged into the fray by a surprising (and violent) re-entry of Chris Redfield into his life.

Resident Evil 8 Village
Image: Capcom

He finds himself in the village in question, searching for answers.

The game will be first-person, as we know. They also gave a look into the inventory system, which harkens back to Resident Evil 4. Size and space management return, as well as a currency system. The game will also launch on next-gen consoles and feature NO load times, giving players seamless gameplay without load screens.

Resident Evil 8 Village
Image: Capcom

They also spoke of the Village being almost a character in and of itself, so it possibly could hold a lot to do with some vibrance and life of its own.

Before the video ends, they revealed one more key piece of art, showcasing a sigil surrounded by crows’ wings. This symbol is seen a few times throughout the original trailer as well, and the theory mill has churned to life over it.

Resident Evil 8 Village
Image: Capcom

While we don’t know much at this juncture, we’ll hopefully be seeing something more substantial soon, in August.

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