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Numskull Resident Evil 25th Anniversary
Numskull Resident Evil 25th Anniversary

Resident Evil News

Capcom and Numskull Team Up for Resident Evil’s 25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary merch for preorder now

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You guys might have seen some of Numskull’s works. After all, I’m willing to bet that a healthy handful of you have their merch sitting on your shelf right now.

After all, Tubbz have been wildly popular, rubber duck versions of classic characters.

Well, Numskull has partnered with Capcom once again, this time to bring fans merch for the 25th Anniversary of Resident Evil.

Currently, all of the Resident Evil Anniversary products are only available for pre-order, but the line-up is pretty decent. The centerpiece seems to be a Mr. Raccoon pin, touting the 25th.

In this collection, there’s also a Raccoon City Police Department hat, along with a mug. Alongside these, there are a few Umbrella Corporation pieces as well. This includes items like a lamp and a wireless charging mat.

Even though these products aren’t quite available for sale just yet, but it’s worth putting your money down on what you want. You never know what kind of limitations there are when it comes to special event pieces like this.

You can place said pre-orders here.

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