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Resident Evil 7

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RESIDENT EVIL 7 Still Ships A Million Units, Says Capcom Europe COO

Still pulling amazing numbers!

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Love it or hate it, Resident Evil 7 helped put the franchise back on the map and back into the hearts of many. With its new take and wildly toned down story, Ethan’s first title made Resident Evil‘s current seat in the limelight possible.

As such, it’s no surprise to hear that, as we approach a new slew of Capcom games in the next few months, that Capcom still talks about Resident Evil 7.

We know quality sells and keeps selling for many, many years. We’re still seeing Resident Evil 7 shipping over one million units globally per year almost four years after its launch.

Stuart Turner on Resident Evil 7, Capcom Europe COO

This bit of information comes from an interview over at with a few members of the Capcom Europe team discussing Resident Evil 7, which also included CEO Kiirchiro Urata and Marketing Director Antoine Molant. Within, the trio also talked about their approach to game launches.

I believe that launching games during the holiday season isn’t Capcom’s most important strategy. By releasing new games during a quieter period, Capcom fans will be able to avoid the congestion and can focus on enjoying playing our games. From there, we would like to carry out effective price promotions for each season and offer the best for a wide range of gamers.

Kiichiro Urata
Resident Evil 7
Image: Kiichiro Urata

It became clear through this conversation that Capcom never intends to crunch for the holiday rush. In fact, they actively avoid it. As a consumer, this is nice. It’s hard for one to pick from the myriad games that release in the latter third of the year, especially on a budget.

The three also made sure not to forget to mention their other big franchise, Monster Hunter, specifically addressing the single-console launch.

We’re working very closely with Nintendo of Europe to make Monster Hunter: Rise a success in the region. We’re very confident that the massive success we’ve had in the past on Monster Hunter: World will transfer across to the passionate fanbase we have on Nintendo Switch.

Stuart Turner

Amidst all of this, the shadow of the pandemic wasn’t missed by anyone involved. A bittersweet side effect of all of this madness is that, as more people shelter in their homes, the amount of people who are now seeking an entertainment option has increased.

I’m not necessarily happy that the natural increase in users and sales are a result of a devastating pandemic. What is important is that all of Capcom’s team members are doing their utmost during this challenging time so that core fans, returning fans, and new gamers who purchased during the COVID period can continue to enjoy playing Capcom games.

Kiichiro Urata

Aside from the Resident Evil 7 information, the full interview is an interesting read as a whole. The most important thing to pull from it, though, is that Capcom has no intention of losing sight of what matters the most: player enjoyment.

As Resident Evil Village‘s May release looms, we’ll likely see a lot more conversations between gaming press and the teams of Capcom. We’ll make sure to keep an eye on those for any tidbits worth finding.

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