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Capcom Made a Giant Chalk Lycan to Promote Resident Evil Village

we’re Lycan this!

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We’ve talked about Capcom’s bizarre (and often hilarious) advertisement approach, with things like life-size Lady Dimitrescu cut-outs and a puppet show. They certainly lean into their reputation for being a bit out there, and often it leads to great results.

As Resident Evil Village already was proving to be no exception, the mad lads did something even wackier than usual: they made a massive chalk drawing of a lycan in the English countryside.

England is no stranger to giant chalk drawings, in fairness. They’ve famously had multiple chalk drawings, referred to as hill figures. This promotional bit fits right in, even being aesthetically similar to its predecessors.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

Found on Mendip Hill, near the village of Cheddar (yes, actually), in the county of Somerset, this figure is humongous. It spans a width of over 100m and a height of 58m. Funnily enough, a fair amount of press generated around it before the local news outlets even knew it was promoting something.

Resident Evil Village in the local papers

A local paper, the Somerset County Gazette, were pretty ecstatic about it.

The imposing creature, bearing some of the hallmarks of the country’s historic and mystical chalk figures, was created in less than 24 hours. The giant installation appeared in a glow mysteriously overnight, nestled between some of the UK’s most secluded villages in Somerset on the Blackdown Hills. The artwork was created in the dead of night to depict one of the new terrifying enemies in Resident Evil Village.

Jess Chaffey of The Somerset County Gazette

Since all of this went down, the logo for Resident Evil Village has been added, removing some of the mystery that surrounded the piece. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty strong statement, and likely will be left for all to see for some time.

You can see the lycans in the flesh for yourself, as Resident Evil Village is out now for all platforms!

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