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Resident Evil 3 Safety Deposit Room
Resident Evil 3 Safety Deposit Room

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Capcom Cites Disney As Inspiration For Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes

This was an unexpected take…

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The Mouse knows and sees all. His heavy, capitalist hand, dispensing whimsy at a high cost, reaches from the peninsula of Florida all the way to the rocky shores of Japan. Many cite Disney as the center of all copyright problems, and they’re not even all that wrong when doing so.

Regardless, it’s a strange day when Capcom points to the House of Mouse as inspiration, and even stranger still when that inspiration is specifically about Resident Evil. One would assume the gory streets of Raccoon City wouldn’t be the stomping grounds for the family-friendly image of Disney.

In a way, they still aren’t, but the current creative mindset certainly has found a home in Capcom offices.

Resident Evil 2
Image: Capcom

The real connection comes up in an interview with Capcom Europe COO Stuart Turner. While speaking with, Turner gave a bit of a peek into the thought process that the devs brought to the table when remaking Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3.

(Executive Producer) Takeuchi-san viewed Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 exactly the way Disney does with its remaking of old movies — to keep them feeling fresh, new and relevant.

“Disney Inspired” Resident Evil

According to him, this meant throwing out some of the old design principles in favor of some of the more modern choices that we saw in the remakes. This comparison can be seen as a line from the live-action reboots that Disney has been doing.

Whether the Disney remakes are for creative reasons or legal reasons, they at least give new spins to classic tales and characters. This is what Capcom wanted as they took on the monumental task of remaking two of the most beloved games in the series.

While we’re still not sure on whether or not Resident Evil 4 will be seeing a remake, it’s interesting to see the kind of mentality surrounding remakes. It’s good to see that Capcom didn’t see it as a cash-in, but rather as something that had to be new and surprising.

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