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Resident evil x Cocalero
Resident evil x Cocalero

Resident Evil News

Capcom and Cocalero Partner Up for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Inspired Spirit

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Capcom’s at it again as they’ve teamed up with Irish spirit producers, Cocalero for an official Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness inspired Herbal Spirit.

This partnership comes at the helm of Resident Evil‘s 25th anniversary and is an attempt by Capcom to help promote their upcoming Netflix series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. For those who don’t know, Cocalero is an Irish-made spirit using the South American coca leaf as well as 16 other botanicals that include: ginseng, guarana, ginger, green tea, and juniper to name a few to give it that South American flavor. While most people in North America are probably not aware of this drink, it does seem to find popularity in Japan as it’s noted to be the spirit’s largest following.

Resident evil x Cocalero
Image: Capcom x Cocalero

This is definitely one of the more interesting releases Capcom has announced this year but we look forward to it nonetheless! While there is no official release date yet, this incredible Resident Evil crossover product is expected to drop in liquor stores and on Cocalero’s website sometime in July of this year with no official price being released yet.

While you might be excited to binge Infinite Darkness on release day, we do not encourage excessive or underage drinking, please drink safely and responsibly! Combating the undead with a nasty hangover is never ideal!

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness releases July 8th on Netflix.

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