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Capcom Asks: More Resident Evil Remakes or Sequels? - 1 min read

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As far as Capcom goes, they’re a pretty hands-on company. Many people see them as a company that ignores their fans, and in some cases, I suppose that’s true. However, they also tap into our opinion quite a bit as well.

The Ambassador program is a good example of this. They consistently get input from the community through it. This even includes beta tests.

Along those same lines, Capcom has posted a survey on their website asking for the community’s opinion: should they make more remakes, or focus on sequels? While the survey seems to be focused on their Asian markets, anyone is able to access and submit the survey


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Screen Shot 2020 04 09 at 3.06.46 PM
Image: Capcom

This question is likely more divisive than you would think. I know I myself don’t really have a good answer for it. I want to see 8 finally come through, but I’d love for a couple of games to get the modern remake treatment (including the original Resident Evil).

With all that said, what Capcom does with this survey is ultimately up to them. We can put in our 2 cents, but what they do with the sum total still rests on their creative prerogatives.

Either way, you can go commit your opinion to digital ink and get some exclusive Resident Evil 3 wallpapers for your phone and PC for completing. You can complete the survey here.


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