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Capcom Asks for Feedback on Resident Evil Village - 1 min read

Resident Evil 8 Village

We’ve talked about it before, but Capcom has been very actively collecting feedback on its products in the last few years. Surveys often cross the digital threshold, either through email or Twitter, and collect your thoughts.

In following that trend, Capcom asked fans to fill out a survey pertaining to Resident Evil Village today through the Resident Evil Twitter account.

This survey, which I’ve taken, asks quite a few questions, most of which don’t have straight answers. Many of them are actually asking how strongly you feel in response to certain stimuli.

Resident Evil Village Survey
Image: Capcom

For example, one of the questions asks if the trailer (shown during the PlayStation 5 event) increased or decreased your interest in the franchise. Another wants to know your opinion on specific facets of the game.

Give your feedback on Resident Evil Village

The entire survey takes less than 10 minutes, so I’d recommend going to it and filling it out. Not all companies value input from their consumer base, but Capcom is at least putting in the effort. You can take the survey by clicking the link here.

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