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Game Scoring and Reviews


10 – “The Right to Be a God”

Absolutely impeccable. While perhaps not the best game ever seen, it encapsulates the intended experience so well that there are no complaints to be found.

9 – Nearly Perfect

In a perfect world, it would have been a 10. However, there are one or two things that are just offputting enough that it misses the mark.

8 – S.T A.R.S.

A truly great game, but not fantastic. It does well in all of its facets, but not THAT well. Still, nothing to shake a stick at.

7 – Solid

It’s a pretty good game, but a few things within are just inescapable. Its missteps are not enough to absolutely tank it, but they need to be addressed.

6 – Fine

It’s alright. None of its pieces are bad, necessarily, but they also have plenty of things that drag them down as well. It might be worth a play, but probably only one.

5 – Civilian

Some of the pieces work, but the bad outweighs the good in quite a few ways. Many of the troubles are irreconcilable. The problems are piling up at this level.

4 – Caution

There are some charms present, but they can’t beat some glaring problems. The game may feel like a chore at times, or simply be broken in places.

3 – Sombre

Any goodwill present in the game is appreciated, but not really making it through. The game has unavoidably large flaws, and they threaten to make the entire experience painful.

2 – Danger

Almost no silver lining exists within this hodgepodge of failed attempts. It may have been too ambitious, or maybe it was just made on the cheap. Either way, it fails pretty much across the board.

1 – “You Are Dead”

A complete mess. The game falters in every feature. It’s very difficult to be THIS bad, but if it gets this rating, that means it’s earned it in every way. Nothing redeems this disaster.