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Resident Evil Arklay
Resident Evil Arklay

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Arklay The Show That Never Was

We might not see Arklay on TV, but the project hasn’t disappeared completely.

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In 2014, Mance Media announced they were in the process of developing a Resident Evil series. The series was named Arklay and it was unfortunately canceled before leaving pre-production.

Resident Evil: Arklay "/"Dave" © Shawn Lebert
Resident Evil: Arklay “/”Dave” © Shawn Lebert


However, the footage was uploaded to YouTube by the creator, Shawn Lebert. Titled Dave, this proof of concept short showcases what could have been. It follows the story of Detective James Reinhardt as he follows a murder spree and the suicide of his brother. During the investigation of his brother’s house, Detective Reinhardt uncovers clues that lead to more questions than answers.

Resident Evil: Arklay "/"Dave" © Shawn Lebert
Resident Evil: Arklay “/”Dave” © Shawn Lebert

The short definitely brings back the air of mystery the original entry to the series brought and the horror to come was teased towards the end. Unfortunately, in the short, all references to the Resident Evil franchise are removed. There is no mention of Arklay, Umbrella, Raccoon City, or the T-Virus. Though it is very that the murder spree has ties to the T-Virus and Detective Reinhardt’s brother was more than likely working for Umbrella.

The scenery and locale the short is set in are absolutely gorgeous. It almost feels like a call back to the original games in the franchise which were known for their environments. It is a shame we couldn’t have seen more of the world Lebert was building.

In short, If you’ve got 10 minutes to spare it’s definitely worth checking out the short. If nothing else but to see the ending.

Resident Evil: Arklay “/”Dave” © Shawn Lebert

The promotional website is still live

The website, contains several documents to give context to the show. The website calls for a username, password and an anagram security challenge. If you watch the short, all three are fairly simple to work out.

It’s cool interesting for this project to have seemingly gone quite would still be operating. Maybe we’ll see more from this project or it might have been fuel for the rumored Netflix adaptation. Time will tell.

SPOILER! Here are the answers:

Username: dave
Password: grimrasputinisdead
Anagram: paradigmindustries

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