American Resident Evil Ambassadors Get Some Testing Love Too

Only last week, we learned that the Japanese Resident Evil Ambassadors are getting a chance to test a mysterious game.

Yesterday, American Ambassadors were extended this opportunity, as they received an email inviting them to apply for multiple testing dates.

My copy of the email

The locations are Los Angeles and New York, and there are only two dates at each location. The exclusivity is devastating, but in fairness, this is a pretty big opportunity.

Those who are Ambassadors should definitely be looking in their mailboxes. If the commute isn’t too bad, and you can afford the gas, I highly recommend taking this opportunity.

This is a good chance for American fans to give their opinion and have it be heard. This kind of inclusion is the beginning of an unprecedented relationship between Capcom and Western audiences.

We should approach with gratitude and show them that we deserve their trust.

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Written by Derrick Yandura

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