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Resident Evil 7 Amazon Luna
Resident Evil 7 Amazon Luna

Resident Evil News

Resident Evil 7 is Coming to Amazon’s Upcoming Luna Streaming Service

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There have been a few attempts at a streaming service for video games a la Netflix. PS Now, Stadia, just to name the two bigger ones. Unfortunately, both haven’t really impressed in the long run.

A new contender might be finally fixing that, and it likely isn’t surprising to hear that Amazon is that contender.

Amazon announced Luna, a cloud gaming platform that they intend to make into a major player in the field of cloud gaming. This plan seems to have a few facets.

Image: Amazon Luna

Resident Evil 7 and other big titles at launch

First of all, is the massive list of important games. Amazon says that the service will launch with over 100 games, among which is the one most important to us, Resident Evil 7. A few others, like Control and A Plague Tale: Innocence may also tickle your fancy.

They said the list of titles will grow over time. Part of this seems to be linked with their second selling point: developers channels.

How these will work has only be briefly explained, but the premise is thus: developers can partner with Amazon to have their own channel within the service. This would allow them to directly control what games are on the service, as well as launch new ones on it from day one.

So far, the flagship dev for this model is Ubisoft. Games like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Far Cry 6, and Immortals Fenyx Rising will reportedly be available the moment they release.

Resident Evil 7 Amazon Luna
Image: Amazon Luna

For all of this, you can use either mouse and keyboard or a Bluetooth controller. However, Amazon has their own, Alexa-enabled controller they’re marketing for $50. This controller supposedly connects to the cloud directly, rather than the system.

The purpose of that is that it cuts down latency. It also allows you to switch from one source to another (e.g. your TV to your phone) without having to disconnect and reconnect the controller.

So far, all of this is going to be only $5 a month. However, that’s specifically called an “introductory price”. Likely, that price WILL go up.

Right now, those interested in checking out Resident Evil 7 or any of the other games at launch, can sign up to be part of the early access program here.

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