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In 1996, the face of gaming was forever changed, all because a team of heroes found themselves stuck in a mansion. The world of horror was given a new gold standard as Resident Evil codified a new genre: survival horror.

This story may be an old one by now, but this franchise still towers over the field of gaming today. With a strong fanbase and rich community, the staying power of Resident Evil has been proven time and again.

We adore this genre. Not just Resi, but everything cut from the same cloth. These horrifying experiences take us to a world unlike any other, and force us to face mortality, even if not in reality.

Biohazard Declassified was formed by a dedicated group of gamers who wanted to see a website that loved these experiences just as much as the players.

With news, editorials, podcasts, and streaming, Biohazard Declassified aims to provide readers with one single place to find everything they need to find about Resident Evil, plus anything else survival horror.

So welcome. Try not to step in any of the bloody spots.

The BHD Team