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New Images of The Four House Leaders in Resident Evil Village Released - 4 min read

More information on those who lead the village

Resident Evil Village

While Lady Dimitrescu has certainly dominated the zeitgeist lately, we must remember that there exist another three houses in the world of Resident Evil Village, as well as an ominous matriarch by the name of Mother Miranda.

Up until now, we could only speculate on each other these villainous leaders, but now, we have faces and domains to attribute to them, thanks to Capcom sharing some tidbits with IGN. Since we’ve covered Lady D extensively, this article serves to highlight the newcomers to our attention.

Heisenberg and his Factory

In fairness, this one is one we’ve seen before without truly knowing it: it turns out that the hammer-wielding, bespectacled man that we’ve seen numerous times before is in fact Karl Heisenberg, the mad trap-maker.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

He runs a Factory, though that seems to be a front for a Saw-like house of horrors, horrors that he doesn’t hesitate to sic on Ethan. A man capable of violent, gruesome torture and filled with bloody whims, Heisenberg will put the player through the ringer in Resident Evil Village.

According to art director Tomonori Takano, Heisenberg’s snazzy style in Resident Evil Village is inspired by the fashion of the 1960s. That doesn’t stop him from being the coolest of the house heads, in his duster and hat.

Moreau and the Reservoir

Salvatore Moreau is a disgusting, hunching man, apparently designed with the intent of creating “the most repulsive character on Earth,” according to Takano. This soggy, lumpy beast is the only of the four lords the be outwardly monstrous.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

Inspired by how Gothic artists often portrayed mermaids, Moreau lords over Moreau Reservoir. This large body of water houses a large, del Lago-esque monstrosity, likely Moreau’s favorite pet. The reservoir has a dilapidated fishing village on its shore, which contains two windmills that the player might end up scaling.

As for the inspiration for Resident Evil Village‘s Reservoir itself, Takano cites a frozen lake that he saw in his travels through Eastern Europe.

Beneviento and House Beneviento

To truly ramp up the creepy factor surrounding Resident Evil Village, the remaining house lord is a terrifying, faceless puppeteer names Donna Beneviento. She wears a funeral shroud, and operates a puppet named Angie.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

She is, quite clearly, horrific, something that director Morimasa Sato found interesting when he presented her to the US branch of Capcom.

In the United States, people’s reactions towards the puppet were pretty intense. Of course, this made me happy, but as a Japanese person, it surprised me that they found the puppet that scary.

Morimasa Sato to IGN

Apparently, this concept isn’t nearly as scary in Japan as it is in America. Regardless of this interesting cultural deviation, Donna and Angie spend their days in solitude in House Beneviento, a mansion on the outer edge of the village. Sato says that he feels House Beneviento to be an evolution of the style that he used to great effect in Resident Evil 7.

Mother Miranda

While we don’t get too much more information on the mysterious matriarch of the village, Mother Miranda, we did get another shot of her, this time a portrait flanked by portraits of the four lords.

Resident Evil Village

Image: Capcom

With this ominous shrine to taunt us, Capcom quietly withdraws once more. If we get more information before Resident Evil Village launches on May 7th, we’ll make sure to drop it right away.

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